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  • What is Reelnews?
    Reelnews is a user-generated news video platform based in Dallas that facilitates the creation, publication, and interaction with short news reels covering various topics. It employs a recognition and rewards system aimed at incentivizing quality news reporting and fostering community participation.
  • How do I create a news reel on Reelnews?
    To create a news reel on Reelnews: Identify a news story. Craft your original report. Record, edit, and keep it under 90 seconds. Write a compelling headline. Attach a clear source. Publish your news reel on Reelnews.
  • What is a Reelnews Contributor?
    A Reelnews Contributor refers to a content creator responsible for posting comments and producing news reports (news reels) by adhering to specific guidelines, including keeping it original, attaching a source, and upholding our commitment to transparency.
  • Can I monetize my content on Reelnews?
    Yes, as a Contributor on Reelnews, there exists the opportunity to earn revenue based on the performance of your news reels, comments, and the reception of ReelPraise from fellow users. ReelPraise can be converted into tangible currency. Reelnews is continuously exploring additional avenues for Contributors to monetize their contributions, with new opportunities set to be introduced in the near future.
  • What kind of news can I report on with Reelnews?
    Reelnews expands the scope of "news" to encompass any informative event or narrative relevant to our audience. You can cover a diverse array of topics, ranging from conventional categories such as Sports, Politics, Pop Culture, and Health to unconventional subjects like Climate, Crypto, Gaming, Did you know?, and beyond.
  • Do I keep ownership of my original content published on Reelnews?
    Yes. Ownership of original content remains intact when published on Reelnews. Reelnews does not assert any ownership rights over your material. By uploading content to Reelnews, you provide us with a non-exclusive license for its use. Further details can be found in our Terms of Service.
  • Do I need to provide sources for my news reel?
    Yes, you must provide sources for your news reel. If the story originates elsewhere, credit the original source. If you're the source, like an eyewitness, include your Reelnews or any relevant social profile link as the source.
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