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Who We Are

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Reelnews is a user-generated news video platform based in Dallas that facilitates the creation, publication, and interaction with short news reels covering various topics.

At Reelnews, we're committed to enhancing news accessibility and engagement for all. Our mission is to establish an open public square where voices can be heard and valued without bias or agenda, free from media giants and governments.

With trust in traditional media declining and misinformation spreading rapidly, we've identified the need for a platform where individuals can actively contribute to the news narrative. Reelnews operates with a commitment to transparency, authenticity, and inclusivity.

Our platform provides support and resources for those interested in reporting on topics they care about, whether it's local news, global events, or specialized interests. By investing in independent voices, we ensure that a wide range of perspectives is represented in our public discourse.

Future of News Reporting

Harnessing the rise of short-form video, our platform empowers users to craft compelling stories, cover events, and share insights in just 90 seconds. Dive into a vibrant community where engagement thrives through real-time interaction and lively discussions.

At Reelnews, we believe in putting the power of news back into the hands of the people. From marginalized groups to citizen journalists and everyday individuals, everyone has a platform to shine a light on overlooked issues and provide fresh perspectives. This democratization of reporting expands coverage horizons, offering diverse viewpoints beyond the mainstream narrative. With independence from government and media giants, Reelnews champions the public interest and safeguards press freedom.

At Reelnews, we value active participation and diverse perspectives. Our recognition and rewards program, ReelUp, celebrates our community of content creators and incentivizes their contributions. By acknowledging and rewarding successful Contributors, including commenters, ReelUp fuels the transformative upheaval Reelnews aims to bring about.

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